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Two labels

Wax & Beauty offers two labels for ladies and men: Wax & Beauty, Professionals in waxing and Beauty Brows by Wax & Beauty.

Els\'s idea is that both customers and staff of Wax & Beauty should enjoy the waxing session. She is a firm believer in rituals and finds happiness in the small details. Els considers waxing a ritual treatment.

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List of treatments and prices

The Beauty Brows treatment takes account of your natural eyebrow line. During this session, we first examine the bone structure of your nose, cheekbones and eyes. We then create an eyebrow that matches your face.

For the Beauty Brows, we apply various techniques to style your eyebrows: waxing, threading (epilation with thread), epilation with tweezers, cutting and trimming. The technique that we apply depends on your eyebrows and skin.

Schedule your waxing date 10-14 days after your last shaving session.


We style an eyebrow that matches you

Brow mapping: which eyebrow matches you best? We determine which eyebrow form matches your face best based on your facial bone structure.

Brow styling: the shaping of the eyebrow. We use the technique that is best suited to your skin and eyebrows: waxing or threading (epilation with thread) and/or epilation with tweezers. If you prefer, we can cut or trim your eyebrows.

Brow caring: The skin around your eyebrows is treated and we apply a day make up with Anastasia eyebrow make up.


What is threading?

Threading is epilation using thread, which ensures the hairs complete with root and all are removed. This method requires good technique and only a piece of cotton thread.
Why threading?
Using the epilation with thread technique ensures we can create a clean line. This gives the eyebrows a nice form and keeps them longer in shape. All that is needed is a piece of thread. The ideal technique for those that are sensitive to waxing.
Does it hurt?
It depends on the individual. Some will say there is no pain, while others might experience pain.
What position do I take during a threading session?
You will be lying down for the entire session with Beauty Brows. It is important that you help with keeping the skin taut. We explain how you can use your hands to pull the skin taut around the eyes. The best chance of a flawless result is ensuring the skin is completely taut.
What is over-tweezed?
An over-tweezed eyebrow has been epilated too much and has lost its natural look. Here at Beauty Brows, we help you regain your natural eyebrow look.
What can be done about (too) thin eyebrows?
A (too) thin eyebrow can be helped by: - making the shape cleaner without reducing the eyebrows and by providing any make up tips to add more volume to the eyebrows. - making the shape cleaner and determining whether the eyebrow can be given more volume by allowing some hair to grow back.